Streamline Your Finances with Our Account Services in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, known as the City of Angels, is a global metropolis celebrated for its iconic entertainment industry, cultural diversity, and sun-soaked beaches. With a dynamic blend of art, entertainment, and innovation, it’s a city that captivates the world’s imagination and offers endless opportunities for creativity and adventure. Immerse yourself in the impact of performance-focused debt collection account services within the lively city of Los Angeles, CA. Our committed team harnesses their knowledge to enhance your non paying  accounts and steer them towards recovery.


Your Los Angeles Business Partner

When it comes to managing your claims in Los Angeles, SynCom excels in both healthcare and financial domains. Our exceptional success record is the product of extensive experience and a tailored approach for each claim. SynCom is a licensed, full-service collection agency. Our executive team covers various industries, and we handle portfolios from start to finish, including a specialized ‘LASER’ program for accounts over 2 years old. We possess the adeptness to navigate the complexities of large corporate structures while embracing an entrepreneurial spirit that fosters effective communication and connection with fellow business leaders. This distinctive blend empowers us to recover your funds, regardless of your company’s size. Get in touch with us through a simple phone call, and our dedicated team will be at your service.

Our Services

Our Services in Los Angeles, CA


Commercial Debt Collection

We collaborate with businesses across Los Angeles, customizing debt recovery strategies to meet their unique needs.

Consumer Debt Recovery

Residents of Los Angeles can count on our support and guidance throughout the debt recovery process.

Local Industry Focus

Los Angeles's diverse economy is our specialty, with knowledge in healthcare, finance, retail, utilities, and more.


Dental Industry

We are experts in dental accounts receivable services, allowing you to concentrate on patient care while ensuring payment clarity through ADA involvement.

Our Aim

For 27 years, our steadfast commitment remains unwavering: ensuring that every legitimate invoice your company issues receives timely and rightful compensation. Each claim we receive is handled with resolute dedication until a satisfactory resolution is achieved, or until we discern any potential financial instability on your customer’s end. By choosing us as your trusted partner, you can have absolute confidence that capable professionals right here in the United States will tirelessly advocate for your interests, free from reliance on overseas call centers. We embrace a personalized approach to commercial collections, crafting tailored strategies for every claim while eschewing generic scripts, automated dialing systems, and standardized sequences of letters. Our team comprises seasoned debt collection experts with a wealth of experience and knowledge.


Our Operational Strategy

At SynCom, our approach is based on a contingency model, meaning you won’t incur any financial burden unless we successfully recover the outstanding funds. We offer highly competitive contingency rates. In the event that our initial collection efforts do not yield results, we have the capability to elevate the matter to our in-house law firm. This empowers us to initiate a secondary, comprehensive collection campaign under the law firm’s name, all at the same favorable contingency rate.

Talented Professionals

At Syncom, we take great pride in bringing together a group of skilled experts fully committed to achieving outstanding outcomes. Our team consists of individuals who have refined their abilities over years of hands-on experience and who have showcased their mastery in their specific domains. Equipped with a profound grasp of industry trends and best practices, our adept professionals offer a wealth of wisdom and insights to each and every project.


Proven Results

In a striking achievement, we accomplished successful debt recoveries in most of cases without the need for legal proceedings. In those exceptional situations where legal action becomes essential, we take pride in our vast network of skilled attorneys located across the United States, all prepared to represent your case on a contingency basis. It’s no wonder that our clients consistently rely on our expertise whenever they find themselves in need of support to recoup overdue payments.