Gregory Nowicki

Gregory Nowicki
Chief Executive Officer

Highly renowned and accredited Senior Executive/Partner with over 30 years of leadership experience focused on growth, turnaround, operations, and corporate finance success. Achievements in cross-functional leadership, full-scale operations development, and inviolable double-digit financial strategy integrations, and cultivated a reputation for
spearheading future growth objectives, building unparalleled customer satisfaction, and developing strong team unity.

Sean Dickson

Sean Dickson
Chief Operating Officer​​

Sean has more than 36 years of experience in the ARM industry beginning as a Collection Rep and with the right mindset, effort, and great support along the way, he has been able to spend the last 32 years in leadership positions including at the C-level. A substantial portion of his career has been focused in the Financial Services sector (Bank Card, Auto, Installment Loans) his experience includes Government (Dept of ED and Treasury), Telecom, Property Management, and various CXO/BPO projects.

Zubin Balsara
Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Balsara, a seasoned executive leader with 24 years in Finance and computer software, excels in driving enterprise software solutions. With a strategic focus, Zubin has led IT departments, overseeing the development of key applications that play a critical role in debt collection processes. His expertise lies in software design, AI/ML, Cloud services, and Agile methodologies. Zubin brings a wealth of experience and a forward-thinking approach to IT Leadership.

Mike Orlando

Mike Orlando

Mr. Orlando has over 34 years of Collection Agency Management experience. Mike started Syncom with previous Clients following from some of the largest Manufactured Housing and Automobile Finance companies in the industry. He has served the last 27 years as CEO and now remains President of Syncom.

Jenifer Zekowski

Jenifer Zekowski
Vice President of Client Services

Jen brings more than 25 years of experience operating in the BPO, CRM, and Collections space. Throughout her career, Jen has eagerly accepted a variety of roles across multiple verticals servicing some of the largest Bank cards, Auto deficiency, Student and Fintech lending, Telecommunications, and Mortgage programs. Throughout her career, Jen has established a clear passion for operational excellence. Through her reputation of transparency and strong client engagement, Jen strives to make a meaningful impact on the lives of our employees and customers by challenging the status quo and applying innovative improvement by way of collaboration.

Dustin Holbrook
Vice President of Inside Sales

As the Vice President of Inside Sales, Dustin brings a wealth of knowledge and over 15 years of experience to the position. With a strong background in leadership, sales management, as well as a  deep understanding of sales strategies; Dustin has been the driving force behind a positive culture, revenue growth and exceptional Customer satisfaction.


Positive Consumer Experience​

Our goal has been to anticipate what is acceptable in advance what our clients require from our collection efforts.


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For over 28 years, we have demonstrated high performance and compliant policies that are communicated in a professional and effective manner.


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At SynCom, we recognize that attracting the finest talent and providing them with the best possible working environment is critical to our continued success.