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What We Do

Synergetic Communication is a full service collection agency that is licensed in all States and Puerto Rico. For over 20 years, we have demonstrated high performance and compliant policies that are communicated in a professional and effective manner.

We historically have specialized in large balance portfolios in the Auto Finance and Mortgage Industries. However, our executive team with their 85 years of combined experience transcends all industries. They include Credit Card, Banking, Utility, Telecommunications and Consumer Finance. We are proficient in both Consumer and Commercial collection as well.

We handle all age of portfolios from cradle to grave. We have a specialized late-stage program called “LASER” that is extremely effective on accounts greater than 2 years from charge off.

Synergetic Communication Services

Deficiency Collections

Synergetic Communication was founded on our ability to recover money in the Mortgage and Auto deficiency Industries. Currently, 80% of our revenue comes in all stages of collections. We do Primes, Seconds, Tertiary, and Laser (warehouse).


Laser is a late stage program that will dynamically pinpoint accounts that have a propensity to pay based on the Consumer’s most current positive credit activity. This program has proven to be successful for all collection industries and is effect on accounts from 2 years from charge off all the way through out of statute portfolios.

Financial Services

Synergetic Communication has vast experience and proven ability to recover accounts from cradle to grave for all types of Financial Industries including credit card, consumer loan and DDA. We handle both consumer and commercial portfolios.

Dormant Judgments

Our approach to Dormant Judgments differs from the traditional law firm approach which is to execute or wait for the consumer to resurface and then attach. We are able to work with your attorney of record to create money through location and voluntary restitution and if that is not possible, then return the attachable asset to your attorney to execute on the current attachable assets located by Synergetic Communication.

Telecom, Utilities, & Cable

Synergetic Communication’s executive team has vast experience in all types of high volume low balance programs in these industries — specifically through our Laser program.

Government Collections

Synergetic Communication’s Executive Management Team has significant experience in working with Federal, State and Local Governments to recover past due accounts. Projects have included: student loans, taxes, fines, medical, registration. We are capable of successfully collecting at any stage of delinquency.